Overview and how it works

DBSight is super easy to use and high-performance full-text search platform. Users usually only specify SQLs and choose rendering templates. DBSight takes care of the rest to run the search service. DBSight is based on Lucene library, with faceting, sorting, ranking, caching built-in. It runs much much faster than database search, and outperforms or is on-par with any other Lucene solution. DBSight is not only great for high-traffic web sites, but also ideal for Enterprise with multiple data sources, changing requirements, access control, worry-free deployments, etc.

Efficient SQL Extraction

Only SQL knowledge is required to create a search! DBSight would generate schemas based on your SQL, and you do not need to write any Java or XML. Even incremental updates will be managed by DBSight. SQL extractor engine is efficient due to cache and batch selection.

Powerful Template Scaffolding

The template engine is fully customizable with powerful scaffolding system. Pre-built solution includes Search Engine, Data Grid, JSON/JSONP, Excel, CSV, XML, etc. You can continue to adjust the css, layout, or add/remove features, to meet your taste.

Features you'll love

Create Search by SQL!

Only SQL knowledge is required to create a search! DBSight would generate schemas based on your SQL, and you do not need to write any Java or XML. Even incremental updates will be managed by DBSight. SQL extractor engine is fast with caching, batch selection features.

Feature-Rich Templates

Several templates to choose from, ranging from basic XML, CSV, JSON, JSONP formats to templates full of bells and whistles, with features including Suggest As You Type, Infinite Scroll, Data Grid, Facets, Pagination, Sorting, Highlighting, Summarizing, etc.

Multiple search in one page!

Simultaneously search multiple local or remote indexes! Aggregating data from on multiple sources in a single page!

Advanced Facet Search

Multiple ways to count results by each category, or by customizable value ranges, or by date on year/month. Facet can even have hierarchical relations, e.g., facet on state level first, before facet on city level. Facet can also get minimum, maximum values, or even sum/average based on a separate field.

High Performance

Based on high performance Lucene engine, DBSight add data compression, auto warming, more caching, to ensure performance even with more features.

Sharded Search

If your data grows rapidly, you can split large index into several indexes on local or remote machines, and search them together as if it is one index, but with improved performance.

Suggest As You Type

Automatically provide suggestions as you type, based on existing actual data.

Many knobs to turn

UI driven friendly design, most features are enabled/disabled by mouse clicks.

Adjustable ranking

Adjust search results ranking by its own value, by its freshness, or by the matching field. All done via UI.

Features you'll appreciate after one month

Separated JVM

The search front-end, indexing processes, and search processes are run in their own Java processes. Common memory problems, e.g. long GC time due to memory fragmentation, are gone. One slowness would not affect the whole system.

Multiple Indexes

Creating one new index is so trivial and easy ...

Access Control

Automatically filter out results that users don not have permission to access, based on users' roles.

Customizable Scaffolding

Customize the default scaffolding by adding your own logo, css, layout, etc. Ensure consistent look and feel for your own department or your own consulting services.

Predefined data sources

Pre-defined data sources allows easier deployment to production, and easier to manage database accesses.

Portable Configurations

Moving the configuration is as easy as 2 steps: export, then upload.

Customizable Algorithms!

Your developers may want to write their own Analyzer, Similarity, etc. DBSight makes it easy.

Configurable Merge Time

Merging takes CPU and disk IOs. For many sites, you can configure DBSight only does these work on non-peak hours.

Rank based on Time!

If you want to rank new results higher, it is just one click away!

Easy to upgrade!

To upgrade, just install the new versions again! No customization would be lost!

Search API

Search API is based on Google's Protocol Buffer. You can use any language to integrate. Java library is provided by default.

Submit API

Content can be submitted via HTTP post and instantly searchable!

Search Usage analysis

Super efficiently get top queries in real time! Generating search usage histogram for every hours!

Tool for Analyzers

Analyzer can be customized, tested, compared just by UI.

Flexible Architecture

DBSight can be configured as stand-alone, or sharded to multiple servers. It can also be configured as 1-indexer-multiple-searcher, or multiple-indexer-multiple-searcher, or multiple heterogeneous instances. Search can run across multiple different instances efficiently and smoothly.

Replication by Notification+Pub/Sub

When new index is ready, a notification will be broadcasted. Subscribers will pull the new index over. Also, you can schedule the replication if the indexer and searchers are on different network.